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    JVL has earned its reputation as a dependable supplier of quality remedial and new building services to the domestic and commercial markets. We offer a complete solution from design to completion to the highest quality. We specialise in home improvements, property maintenance, new homes and light commercial buildings, earthquake (seismic) strengthening, hebel concrete construction and leaky building restoration.




    TRITOflex is a liquid waterproofing solution which is ideal for restoring leaking roofs. As a fluid-applied, seamless rubber waterproofing membrane system, TRITOflex will save you from costly repair work.

    TRITOflex Distributors Limited is the New Zealand, Australia and South Pacific distributor of Triton waterproofing products from the USA.

    Triton is family-based, 100% American-owned and built upon a foundation of over 30 years of experience and expertise in the design and analysis of roofing and water-roofing systems. Our global team brings forth a combined 170 years of experience across 6 continents. With this leadership, we develop products that pass strict testing for approvals of liquid membranes throughout the world.

    Triton offers a unique suite of liquid rubber products developed to overcome some of the most common and extreme waterproofing issues while offering significant stability advantages and longevity.

    TRITOflex Distributors Limited is based in Wellington and has, though its owner, been involved in the New Zealand construction scene for over 40 years with a specialist emphasis on waterproofing and leaky building issues affecting large parts of the world.

    TRITOflex Distributors Limited is currently establishing licensed applicators in all areas. These applicators will be trained and qualified to apply the entire suite of Triton products to cover almost any surface. Licensed applicators must complete a rigorous training programme and have their work peer reviewed prior to any warranty being issued. In this way customers can be assured of a complete waterproofing solution and the confidence in the back up, support and warranty of the product.


    It is our core belief that high quality products are only as good as the people installing them. We have developed the best products in our field for long-term sustainability, but we also recognize the fact liquid-applied products are reliant upon high quality installation for absolute success. Triton products are only supplied to and applied by Certified Triton Applicators. These applicators are pre-qualified, expert roofing and waterproofing contractors who have completed our in-depth classroom and on-site training process. These applicators are provided with ongoing technical support, including a comprehensive video library


    Our products and spray equipment are produced within our own facility, not relying on a third party manufacturer like others. We believe in being intimately involved with every aspect of the manufacturing process to ensure each and every batch produced is at the absolute highest standard and we personally sign off on every delivery to our customers. We stand behind our premium installed products with long-term labor and material warranties which surpass industry standards for liquid membranes.

    Our solutions-oriented focus and common sense approach to solving clients’ roofing and waterproofing problems has allowed us to save them money, increase life-cycle performance, and provide a peace of mind for years to come. Liquid products can be extremely versatile for solving problems throughout the building envelope and our formulations are solvent-free, environmentally safe, and non-disruptive during installation. Specific properties like 1900% elongation, severe hail resistance, and top-tier fire resistance sets our products’ performance apart from others.

    We remain motivated to constantly innovate, achieving extraordinary results in service to our customers.

    Our Promise to You:

    •  Highly trained, reliable, friendly staff
    •  Great customer service
    •  Value for money
    •  Proven track record
    •  Durable, long-lasting, attractive solutions
    •  All works carried out to OH&S standards
    •  Fully insured
    •  Workmanship and products guaranteed
    •  Work Wellington wide but also by arrangement, anywhere
    •  no job too big or small
    •  We get the job done, right and dry, the first time

    Are you looking for an effective waterproofing solution?


    Discover the benefits of TRITOflex

    Here at JVL Contracting, we use one of the best products on the market, TRITOflex. We are fully certified to work with all TRITOflex products. For further information, continue reading below.

    About TRITOflex

    TRITOflex is a liquid waterproofing solution which is ideal for restoring leaking roofs. As a fluid-applied, seamless rubber waterproofing membrane system, TRITOflex will save you from costly repair work.

    Below grade

    TRITOflex is great for waterproofing challenging services which other products generally struggle with. Now you can benefit from the TRITOflex system in Wellington thanks to JVL Contracting.


    TRITOflex’s flexible, liquid rubber membrane is ideal for recovering gravel surfaces. Your standard waterproofing systems normally prove to be ineffective on these types of surfaces.

    Green solutions

    TRITOflex is a key component in the new Green Roof System. For further information, speak with our team in Wellington today.


    Triton’s products, installed by high quality applicators throughout the world, are the best of the best. Our products are green, environmentally friendly, and sustainable for generations. We are achieving the highest approvals and standards with our products in markets across the globe. Our products have been put to the test and pushed to the limit in the lab and in the field, and our continued research and development ensure that we’ll always be leading the pack. Our systems provide an alternative to “old school” waterproofing and roofing practices that continuously underperform based on cost and sustainable value. We provide our customers with revolutionary waterproofing products and applications for the entire building envelope and beyond!

    A) TRITOflex™ is a instant-setting liquid rubber that is water-based and environmentally safe. It is a tough yet extremely flexible material that can be efficiently sprayed to any thickness in a single pass creating a fully-adhered, monolithic waterproofing membrane with no waste. TRITOflex™ is lightweight so it can be applied directly over an existing roof system eliminating the need for wasteful and costly tear-offs. Since it is water-based with no VOC’s it is considered a “green” product that is sustainable for years as a restorative waterproofing system.

    TRITOflex™ is often used as a roof restoration membrane but is also used for below-grade waterproofing, plaza decks, walls, steel beams, pools, ponds, and a variety of other waterproofing applications. Go to our Application Solutions page to see more. TRITOflex™ is a FM-Approved roof system, achieving the highest ratings possible in the industry.

    B) TRITOtrowel™ is a high viscosity water-based patch and flashing compound specifically designed as a high tensile strength yet flexible brush or trowel applied waterproofing membrane. It is typically used as a flashing component for the TRITOflex™ system however, it is ideal for sealing leaky roof penetrations, ductwork seams, cracks, tears and punctures in almost any roof system. TRITOtrowel™ may also be used for a variety of other waterproofing purposes and is installed in only one coat to any desired thickness.



    C) TRITOtherm™ is an acrylic and ceramic based thermal insulating coating that reflects UV rays and dramatically reduces heat transfer through it resulting in a thermal insulating barrier. It is also a premium protective coating that prevents premature degradation to roof membranes it is applied to. It can be used as the surface coat to the TRITOtherm™ system or it may be applied over other types of roofs, pipes, or other exterior surfaces to slow deterioration and provide superior energy efficiency through its reflectivity, emissivity, and thermal properties.




    D) TRITOprime™ is a low VOC asphaltic primer for spray or roll application to existing asphalt based roof systems, metal flashings, or concrete surfaces prior to installing the TRITOflex™ or TRITOtrowel™ products. The thin-bodied SP asphalt penetrates the surface and allows for a stronger cohesive bonding between the old surface and the TRITOflex™ products.



    E) TRITOmat

    TRITOmat is available as an exterior deck mat, especial recommended for concrete decks, the mat should be laid out over TRITOflex to protect the TRITOflex membrane from damage from deck furniture, tables, chairs, pots planters, foot traffic or like, it also provides noise absorption improvement.  The acoustic effects reduce impact noise on all types of flooring.

    TRITOmat comes standard 12mm thick, it is made from sustainable flexible rubber, tailor made in a sheet form to suit the size of your deck. TRITOmat weighs 8kgs per square metre.  TRITOmat can be custom made on request any thickness up to 40mm. It is made from used car tyres.

    For decks that have ponding water TRITOmat acts as bridge over the ponds and allows the water to drain through the mat. TRITOmat can also be used internally over any TRITOflex surface and comes as a suitable non slip finish for along walkways, stairs, treads etc.


    Decks or floors can be out of level and TRITOmat can be made to level existing floors.

    TRITOmat may vary slightly in thickness as all types of mats of this structure will.

    TRITOmat requires a 3mm expansion joint every 3m; this is particularly important on balconies

    TRITOmat comes in many optional colours and texture, see below choices now available

    TRITOmat comes in many optional textures choices now available