Scaffolding use and costings

Metal scaffold is considered too expensive but this is changing with a new focus on the legal requirement to provide edge protection to all construction work, where any employee may fall more than 3 metres. Scaffolding is as an option of providing such edge protection and is coupled with a guaranteed improvement in on-site productivity - just ask any worker!

So what’s involved?


Assume for a two-storey residential building, one boundary is near the edge of a bank. This is a safety issue anyway so the practical decision is to at least scaffold the boundary wall. The basic costing method for hired scaffolding is in two parts

1.    A single cost to cover both scaffolding installation and removal
2.    A rental cost dependent on time needed on site.

The costing for scaffolding this say 17 metre wall length, 5.4 metres high is an area = 91.8m2 [92 m2 rounded]. In the Wellington region, the approximate costs are $16m2 to cover installation and removal, plus 10% of the overall cost per week to cover the rental costs.

 Calculations for this buildings one wall scaffolding for 8 weeks are:

 Installation and removal of 92 m2 @ $16m2             = $1,472.00

Rental $1472 x 10% [weekly rate] x 8 [weeks rental period]     = $1,177.60

Total     = $2,649.60

Regulations require some roof-edge barrier protection to the perimeter of the building so for this type of barrier the hireage rate would be about $17 per metre of facia length for installation and removal, and the same 10% per week rental cost.