Wrapping up

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When work is completed you apply to the council for a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC). If you don’t have one it may be hard to sell the house later. If you’ve done recent work and have a Building Consent and had inspections as due, then it should be a formality.

If work was done some time ago, or a previous owner without consent then you can apply for a Certificate of Acceptance (you may not necessarily get one, but all work should be on the LIM and if not, then the council may require you to remove the building.) The council will make a final inspection and issue you with a CCC if satisfied that the work complies with your consent documentation.

If the council issues a “notice to fix”, you must make sure the work is fixed and advise the council when it is. You may have to go back to your contract with your builder and see who is responsible.

Then after a glass of champagne, your regular maintenance programme kicks in. Houses need care and repair – repainting, washing, gutters cleaned…new consumer protection legislation requires your builder to give you a maintenance programme for your house – have you got yours?

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