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Project Management

You may choose to have your architect or designer stay on as full project manager or you may have an arrangement where your builder is the project..

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Ibiza Workers 2018

Not the tradie you want working on your site…

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Their damp, overpriced rental was harming his daughter, so he built her a new house for $4200

Good on this resourceful Kiwi for building his own little slice of paradise

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$50b apartment sector shake-up promised post-election

HOBANZ protested the original legislation, pointing out how poorly it was written. Now even National, who forced it through, recognise it as..

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5 Key Things for Your Building Project

Check this list and then check it twice for a smooth build

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HOBANZ - Home Owners and Buyers Association of New Zealand

Shocking examples continue to come to light, with innocent homeowners being financially destroyed, through no fault of their own. This scandal..

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Happy Home

We don’t often reshare these, but this looks helpful…

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Tradie slams into Nigel Latta's fence after sacking

Not the best response when you’ve been fired off a job…

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50 Iconic Buildings Around the World You Need to See Before You Die | Architectural Digest

Bit of inspiration from the world’s most famous architectural wonders

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This amazing rotating home lets you change the view with a push of a button

You’ll never get sick of the view with this high-tech add-on

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A cramped, u-shaped kitchen gets a Scandinavian inspired makeover

A great way to bring a fresh sense of space to a kitchen area

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Renovations, Additions and Alterations

The tricky thing about additions is that you must complement the existing build, here’s some things to consider

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New Zealand's apartment fire regulations 'best in the world' - but too many apartment blocks have cut corners

This is absolutely shocking and don’t think it’s just apartment buildings that have problems – its regular homes too. If you’re building or renovating,..

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8 Spectacular Swimming Pools That Were Built Into Nature | Architectural Digest

Thinking of placing a pool in your design? These epic nature-infused pools from around the world provide epic inspiration

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Why this Wanaka new-build was designed around outdoor living

Indoor/outdoor flow was of paramount concern in this Kiwi home

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Project Management

If you’re wanting to be your own project manager and you’ve never done any building before, may we suggest you don’t…

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Local Focus: Dream home becomes a nightmare

Myriad issues: waterproof membrane missing, flashings too small, wrong cladding & windows; Leaky homes still happen! If..

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Aftershock: The debacle of shoddy Christchurch earthquake repairs

We warned about this years ago and we have another story in our upcoming BoB on this too… Check out this story from the NZ Herald Android App..

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Why Women Live Longer Than Men In 10+ Pics

Why we have health and safety rules. Don’t tell me you haven’t seen some of these on a building site… For more on these and other essentials..

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Man Transforms $2,200 School Bus Into A Stunning Tiny Home

A clever (if very unusual!) remodel

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