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"At first I was enchanted by off-grid living. But the hardships quickly became apparent"

Off-grid living isn’t a walk in the park by any means… But we can certainly adopt sustainable practices into our modern day lives. Every bit..

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The insulation you use doesn’t have to be pink. If you want a more natural alternative to insulate your home, check out our guide to insulation..

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Of dubious taste, but funny…

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France to launch competition to design a new spire for Notre-Dame

They want the new design to be “adapted to the techniques and challenges of our era”.

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Auckland couple's legal wrangle to get driveway, fences, landscaping with 'affordable house'

This is outrageous and a valuable lesson for anyone building. Do your homework – make sure you have a contract and read it before signing it…

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Days like this…

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Personal Property Securities Register

The Companies office is about to do a push to the construction industry for the PPRS scheme – the Personal Property Securities Register. This..

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Building System Legislative Reform Programme public consultation | Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

Minister @JennySalesa and MBIE have released their plans for revamping the 2004 Building Act here… There’s a bold mix of regulatory, structural..

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We’re hearing lots of reports of slowdowns happening, across architects, builders and merchants, and we’re getting confirmation from others in..

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Hemp is the New Oak: America’s First Hemp “Wood” Factory is Being Built

The building material of the future…

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New Government and industry plan aims to fix construction sector's biggest problems

Ok Quick first take: 1. Lots of well meaning admirable objectives which acknowledge those things are not being met; 2. Govt procurement and ‘whole..

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's cover photo

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The Hidden Air Pollution in Our Homes

Something else to consider when building your home. What kind of chemicals are the products you’ve used emitting…? The Hidden Air Pollution..

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Purchase Hard Copies - Building Guide - house design and building tips, architecture, architectural design, building regulations, auckland builder, christchurch builder, wellington builder, hamilton builder, tauranga builder, dunedin builder,...

We search the world so you don’t have to, and we get your peers to explain their thinking and inspiration. Purchase hard copies of our Building..

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The popularity of prefabricated transportable homes are on the rise as people look for more affordable homes. Read more here

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Cost of fixing botched EQC repairs tipped to top $1 billion

Who gets to pay for this? The wrong people unfortunately…

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Scientists turn carbon dioxide back into coal

Carbon dioxide could be removed from the atmosphere and stored as a solid in a bid to manage climate change, using a new technique pioneered..

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Building a home from scratch is no easy feat, but we’re here to help. Check our website to make sure you’ve got everything you need to build..

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Sound-Absorbing Wall Tiles Made From Colorful Hexagonal “Wood Wool”

Clever, functional and stylish too!

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Miró Rivera Architects designs Hill Country House as sustainable prototype in rural Texas

This build is a prototype for a sustainable off-grid community in the countryside.

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