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Are you building or renovating? Ask yourself this – are you confident you know what’s going on with your project? You’re about to spend somwhere between $50,000 and $5,000,000 on the biggest investment of your life – are you happy to entrust your builder or designer to keep your best interests at heart? Most do but we’ve all heard the stories.

Protect yourself. Educate yourself. Make sure you know what the rules are, what your builder needs to be doing. Buying the Building Guide will be the best $7 you’ll spend on your whole project and $10 for the inspiration and insights from our chosen architects will set your imagination on fire.

Our fabulous Design Guide – the perfect insight into what architects think. Stunning images and articles written by award-winning designers will get your creative juices flowing and help you build the best home you can.

Buy them Here, right now, and protect your investment even from before you start…

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Share this article...Share on FacebookTweet about this on TwitterEmail this to someone
Being Neighbourly - our Livingstone St, Westmere cover feature
Being Neighbourly – our Livingstone St, Westmere cover feature

The Design Guide

Design Guide Issue 6
The new April 2016 Design Guide in shops now or available to buy here…

The Design Guide is a stunning publication, full of gorgeous images which gives you insights into the design process from the actual architects themselves.

Buy it Here at the special price of just $9.95 (+ postage).

Each issue is themed around a specific topic.

Our new edition available April 2016 explores modern designs for suburban living, from single houses to duplexes, courtyard houses to affordable design.

Learn from architects themselves how they approach different sites with specific solutions to create great buildings in which to live. Just have a look at some of these cases and visit our website to see past articles, written by some of our best architects…

Check out what we feature in our current issue here and if you’re looking to build, order your copy here, just $9.95 for 128 pages of amazing images, ideas and insights…


Our cover feature is a new house by NZIA award winning architect, Dom Glamuzina. This new house in Westmere references surrounding ex-State Houses but in a stunning modern design, featuring brick cladding, internal courtyard and flexible living and working spaces to create an amazing family home.

Buy them Here , right now, and protect your investment even from before you start…

This fabulous duplex from Melbourne architect, Rob Kennon, shows the practicality of making two homes fit on one site, ensuring privacy and cool inner-city suburban living, whilst sharing build costs across two dwellings. This is a form of housing seen historically in New Zealand but which fell out of favour. No longer – this is a housing typology we’re going to see a lot of in the near future in our larger centres.



Perhaps the most important question of all – how much will it cost to build? Award-winning Wellington architect, David Melling, breaks down the costs of building an architecturally designed home, covering single- and multi-level dwellings, and low-, medium- and high-specfication fit-outs so you can get a good idea of what you need to budget to make your house plans come to reality.


Buy them Here , right now, and learn how what architects think when they design your house…


This wonderful Parnell renovation, initial design by RTA Studio and finished drawings by Bureaux, shows what can be done with an inner-city site to create privacy, comfort and sumptuous living spaces with style and world-class design.




We also cover off the 2015 NZIA Award Winning houses – the most important architectural awards in the country to give you even more great ideas to work from…



For all these and more, grab a copy now – just $9.95 (+postage)

The Building Guide

We’ve been 15-03 BGCvrEMpublishing our Building Guide and helping homeowners with their building and renovation projects for over ten years now and the biggest complaint we get is “I wish I had this when I was building”.

Well don’t make the same mistake as the others. Buy it Here, at the special price of just $6.95 (+ postage).

Let’s face it, building is an incredibly complex undertaking and trying to understand the rules, make sure your professionals are building it right and that there are no problems along the way is a daunting prospect.

While it is so much easier to leave everything to your professionals, we’ve all heard the horror stories. We help you keep an educated eye on what they’re up to.

‘Dodgy Builder’ is a cliche with a grounding in truth. There are many very good, professional builders, but there are many who only care about taking your money and hitting the golf course on a Wednesday afternoon instead of making sure your home is being built to the best quality.

Well, we make it easy for you to avoid those problems. Protect Yourself – Buy the Building Guide here…

We run through the rules that you need to know, what you need to do, how the processes work and how to choose the best products, and all of it in easy, bite-sized chunks of information so you don’t have to read hundreds of pages of arcane jargon or leave it to your professionals and…hope it all goes right.

Arm yourself for one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do in your life: get an understanding of how building works so you can keep an eye on the things that need be done, and make sure you get a home where the builders have Built It Right.

Buy it Here at the special price of just $6.95 (+ postage)

Have a look at what you get…


Start here! Defining your dream and starting to understand the journey you’re about to go on. The Seven Key Things you need to prepare for and the Four Essential Things you need to do.

Start on the front foot and keep your project under control.

Buy it Here , right now, and protect your investment even from before you start…

What kind of house do you want to build? Award-winning Wellington architect, Gerald Parsonson, has done some beautiful sketches of the basic house types for you to choose from. Wall house, Courtyard house, Pitch roof house and more… Decide what kind of house design(s) you like before you meet with your architect/designer and save time and money…



Defining what you need and what you want (and what you can afford) will help you prepare your brief for your architect/designer. Get a firm idea of the essentials and the ‘nice-to-haves’ so your architect doesn’t blow your budget designing something you neither like, nor need, nor can afford (and you’d be surprised how often that happens).

Buy the Building Guide Here and save yourself time and money by doing things right the first time – and it’s just $6.95 (plus postage)…

The Design Process – what can you reasonably expect from your architect/designer? What will it cost? How does it all work…? We explain it all in an easy to understand, path to getting the best out of your architect. Sketch design, finished plans, cost outlines and what you should get for your money – it’s all here.



The fun stuff keeps coming: now it’s choosing the products for your new home. It’s tiring but it’s a great feeling – Yes, you need that beautiful tile. Yes, it’s okay to buy that glorious tap…

But make sure what you’re buying is up to scratch – there are dangers out there – cheap products that won’t last or even do the job in the first place. Is your builder swapping products during the build to make himself more money? Has the designer specified products that just won’t do the job? We give you advice on what to watch out for and what to avoid…

Buy it Here and learn about what you’re putting into your home….
And there’s more.

  • The Consent Process
  • Building Regulations in easy to understand language and bite-sized chunks
  • The Construction Process
  • The Sign Off Process
  • Most Importantly of all – the Prescribed Checklist (that every builder is supposed to give you when you appoint them to the job) – specifically designed to protect you, the client!

Checklists, insights and advice to make sure your house plans go according to plan and you end up with your new home or renovation getting Built Right!

Buy it Here at the special price of just $6.95 (+ postage) – this is likely the best investment you’ll make for your whole building project.

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