Central Vacuum Systems


Whether you are building a new home, renovating or have an existing home.   You can install a central vacuum system in your home to provide you with a healthier living environment for yourself and your family.   Providing a deeper clean, and removing all the vacuumed air from the living area.

  • Long Term Health Benefits for you and your family

  • The Dust Mite is the major cause of Hayfever, allergies & asthma related problems

  • Reducing Asthma and Alergy causes

  • Giving you up to 4 times more suction of a portable vacuum cleaner.

  • Giving a deeper clean to your carpets and other floor coverings

New houses are now becoming almost 'airtight' and draft-free, meaning INSIDE POLLUTION influences, like cooking fumes, aerosol sprays, cleaning compounds, pet hair, and even your vacuum cleaner can effect the health of everyone in the home. 


Older homes have all the same problems as those mentioned above, but they can also have dampness, mould, in-ground dust, and dirt coming from floors, walls and ceilings to contend with.  


Allergies, asthma, and respiratory tract infections are increasing at a huge rate -- Central Vacuum Systems have been clinically proven by independent tests to relieve allergy symptoms.   


Central Vacuum Systems carry contaminants away from the living areas (usually to a garage or basement area) and provides a measurable relief for the allergy-sufferers, from nasal, eye, and sleep symptoms, and provides a cleaner, healthier home environment.  

Check the quality of the system you're considering before you buy, as there are features that some systems have, that are not available in others.