Central/Underfloor heating

Central/Underfloor Heating


Central heating can be fueled from gas, diesel or solid wood pellets - offers complete home warmth to the family and can improve the health of families, especially children, people with asthma and the elderly.

Central heating can work through warm water underfloor heating or slim water radiators, or both, with the added advantage of domestic hot tap water and swimming pool heating all from the one heatsource.

The most common heatsources chosen are gas or diesel boilers for their efficiency and lower capital cost, but hot water heatpumps, eco-friendly wood pellet boilers and even ground source or geothermal heatpumps are available.


Underfloor Heating


Underfloor heating provides radiant heat from the ground up which proponents claim as the most comfortable and even warmth of any heating system. These work best with concrete floors or under tiles. Carpets will reduce the level of heat entering the room. Electrical systems are cheaper to put in initially, but running costs are higher. Your alternative is warm water heating.. Specific areas can be targeted, especially bathrooms and timers are usually included so floors can be heated only when needed.