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 Drainage & Underground plumbing


While not the most exciting of items in the construction process, good drainage is absolutely essential to the long term integrity of your home but consider where your plans put the pipes and assorted gully traps and vents.

Some Councils are also requiring the installation of retention tanks to slow down the release of storm water into municipal drains that are in need of replacement.

  • Are the pipes in the correct position, e.g. not where you may want to put paths or gardens?
  • Are the drain holes or pipe vents in locations that will interfere with future use of the grounds, e.g. are they where you may want to put paths, entertaining areas or gardens?
  • Will the vents in the right position?
  • Will the drains cary sufficient water?
  • Does your drainage system meet with the local building bylaws and building code – e.g. do you need retaining tanks