This is one of the most exciting moments in the project as the frames go up quickly and it looks like everything is happening. Bear in mind, however, that while work continues, not much seems to change rapidly from here. Framing options have now opened up with steel framing now available here though most builders are not familiar with the use of steel.

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There is debate on the relative environmental merits of the two main different framing materials, however, wood starts off as a more environmentally friendly options due to trees absorbing CO2 during growth.

  • Steel framing does not contain chemicals as wooden framing often does and has endorsements from the Asthma Foundation.
  • Steel is roughly the same price as timber for installation.
  • Steel won’t rot should your home leak.
  • Timber is a renewable resource and most builders are familiar with the product.
  • Steel frames have the advantage that construction can continue in wet weather.
  • It’s much more difficult to move support fixings for vanities, showers and kitchens in a steel-framed house than in a wood-framed house.