Home Automation

Home Automation means the ability of a house to automatically perform tasks on behalf of the family. 

For example an underfloor heating pad may turn on at 6am in the winter, but not at all in the summer, conserving power. The same pad may further be taught that it's ok to turn on at 6am in winter but only if someone is home. 

Home automation not only offers complete flexibility for the homeowners in respect of how they control their devices and enjoy their homes but some significant energy saving possibilities as well.


What can Home Automation do for me?

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. If you can think it up - it can be done by a good home automation system.  Some examples are listed below:

  • Path Lighting: Unsetting the alarm triggers a path of lights from the garage to the kitchen and hallways.
  • Access Control: Release the front door for the plumber - from anywhere in the world, even the supermarket.
  • Goodnight: Press this button to shut off all the lights in the house - including the ones under the stairs that the kids usually leave on for weeks at a time.
  • Towel Rail Control: The heated towel rails are switched off in the middle of all weekdays, conserving energy.
  • HVAC Control: The heating system can be set back when the alarm is set, if it remains set for 3 days (or a vacation button is pressed) the heating will shut off all together.
  • Mail Call: A chime sounds in the house when a package is delivered to the mailbox
  • Set the Scene: Use home automation to preset lighting scenes - for example dining mode, tv mode, art mode & bright. 
  • AV Control: Gain control of the most complicated AV system with home automation - how about buttons that say SATELLITE, DVD and OFF - it doesn't get any simpler!
  • Louvre Control: Use a Home Automation system to open louvres when the temperature gets high, setting the alarm will close them again automatically for you.

As mentioned - if you can think it up - a good home automation system and systems integration company will make it reality for you.


Information courtesy of www.homeautomation.org.nz