Home Theatre

  • This is not just for the blokes! New technologies allow for music to be delivered to zones within the home and even to zones within a room.

  • Lights can be controlled from one spot – even using a remote controller that may also double up as audio visual control pad.

  • Using these devices can mean total control over the ambience of your home as you lower lights, lower or raise volumes, turn TVs and stereos on or off, apply preset levels of all of these with the touch of a single button.


Computers are increasingly playing a role here, with hard drives being used to store music – no more loading of CDs, DVDs or vinyl records. Going to this

extent is becoming more common and even required in homes of a certain budget and increasingly these features are becoming accessible to more and more people. Consultation with experts is still recommended, however, and, as with many elements, approaching the topic early in the planning is better.


  • Are the speaker cables installed to the correct locations and are they protected from electrical and computer cabling?
  • Are all units to be connected to the system correctly installed and connected?
  • Think about where you want the internal wires to exit for connection to appliances – do they exit where they are visible?
  • Have you considered wireless internet access for home use or would you prefer to wire with computer cable to different areas so networks can be run through the home?


Who should pre-wire your home?


The pre-wiring for all A / V cabling needs to be done by a company that has an intimate working knowledge of the products likely to be installed.  

A specialist retailer with experienced installers is a must.  They should understand the type of cabling necessary and how the quality of cable can influence the end results.


What do you need to pre-wire for?


  1. Hi-Fi.  When building, it is easy to distribute music of superb quality anywhere in your home. Practically invisible speakers (they fit into the walls or ceiling) and control solutions that match your decor and budget can be used in as few or as many room as you like. Weatherproof outdoor speakers can also be wired for and we strongly recommend them - they provide music where you are without having to run inside speakers loudly with potential negative consequences for neighbours.
  2. Home Theatre.  By putting specialised speakers around your TV and a couple behind you, a Home Theatre can be created. It is critical to locate the speakers in the right place and run good audio cables to them. Video cables (for the picture you will see) also need to be run for your TV, Plasma or Projector. The type, quality and location of these cables will make a huge difference to the quality of picture and sound..
  3. Structured Wiring. This is the general term given to the centralised wiring and distribution of Aerial, Sky, Telephone and Data cabling.



DATA CABLING: With the cost of high speed internet tumbling and its speed ever increasing, more and more services and service providers are relying on an internet connection to communicate, update and better manage everything from your Sky connection to your CD collection. Internet radio and downloadable movies are growing in popularity - so the "future" really is now. Networking your home professionally is cheaper than you might think. Not doing so will dramatically affect your ability to adopt emerging technologies and will come to influence the resale value of your home.

AERIALS and Broadcast TV reception: With Sky TV proving to be more and more popular and free-to-air Digital TV now available modern aerials are essential. Sky, RF and Free-to-air Digital should be run to a central panel before being distributed to the rest of your home.

PHONES: Running your telephone cables to the same central services panel before heading around your home is also a great idea.  Phone cabling is very cheap so don?t be scared to run the cables to locations you might not think you need a phone.

Simply speaking... the benefits of pre-wiring can be huge and the cost minimal.

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