Skilled tradesmen are essential for this critical part of your build. The control of water around your house gives you the water where you need it, at the right temperature and the right time - without leaking.

Work with your chosen professional reasonably early in your planning, as their expertise and knowledge can save you time and money and give you what you want.

Often in the process of a building project, be it a new home or renovations to an existing home, the plumber is brought in too late in the day and has to design a plumbing solution to fit the layout already agreed. If you employ a plumber at the design stage they can offer you advice on options which could save you thousands and will almost certainly ensure a better solution for you. 

There are a number of plumbing issues to consider...

  • Is there enough water pressure from the mains supply?
  • Are the fixtures suitable for the plumbing solution?
  • Is the position of the fittings suitable for the design and plumbing solution?
  • Is the pipe size adequate for the number of appliances you are currently running and are likely to add in the near future?
  • Do you want water filters and how will this affect the water pressure?
  • Are you adding fire sprinklers? 
  • Does your landscaping include water features and where do you need taps for garden needs?
  • Is there backflow protection on the water features?
  • How can you conserve the amount of water you use and the energy used to heat the water?
  • Is there adequate insulation on the pipes so they can't be heard?
  • Are the water pipes close enough to the hot water source or do you need multiple water heaters?   


GAS installation

If you employ a plumber/gasfitter at the design stage they can offer you advice on options which could save you thousands. There are a number of gasfitting issues to consider...

  • Gas appliances must be installed by a qualified gasfitter: has this been allowed for? 
  • Is the gas flued correctly to reduce the moisture build up and any potentially harmful gases in your home?
  • Are you adding gas heating or cooking to your outdoor areas and how are you going to supply this gas?
  • Do you have sufficient energy sources for your needs?