Discuss your requirements with your designer and your plumber early in the project. You plumber can advise you on things like how to manage water pressure to give you a satisfactory shower but not damage your appliances; the best way of dealing with the locations of assorted items like taps and basins and reducing the lag time between turning on the hot tap and getting hot water.

  • Are the hot water pipes too far away from the hot water source?4521908599.gif
  • To ensure your kitchen tap gets hot water quickly, do you need an undersink hot water cylinder?
  • Are the correct filters in place and what impacts will this have on your water pressure?
  • Have you worked with your plumber to ensure you will have adequate water pressure?
  • Are the gas pipes all installed in the correct position?
  • Do you have sufficient outdoor taps for hoses wherever you may need them?
  • Is the bathroom plumbing correctly positioned?
  • Have you worked with your plumber to ensure the pipes will not be heard?
  • Discuss water saving devices with your plumber before installation.
  • Solar water heating installation and water conservation systems should be considered here and discussed with your plumber.