Retaining Walls




Excavation work inevitably means retaining walls. Depending on the location of the wall, its height and whether it’s in a highly visible location, there are different materials you can use: precast concrete, concrete block and timber are the most common but stone is becoming more common.

  • Consider the style and feel you’re after, or whether this matters at all.
  • Remember, retaining walls must be included in the building consent and signed off.
  • Are the materials consistent with the look and feel of the design you want to achieve?
  • Think about using masonry as a design feature. Mix and match with alternative cladding products that may feature elsewhere around your home.
  • The higher your wall, the greater the need for engineering input. Speak with your designer or builder to find out if your wall requires an engineer’s design.
  • You must ensure there is a suitable foundation, drainage and appropriate backfill material is used.
  • As local requirements vary, check with your council for local design, resource consent and building consent requirements