Tiles are Elegance and Style

Why Tiles, Slate, Marble or Terracotta. Why not? 


steuler-fliesen-led-tiles-glass-border.jpgSince early Roman times, tiles in their different forms have stood the test of time. Tiles are hardwearing, retain their colour and are like mini radiators or solar heaters. They store the heat from the sun or other heat sources and then as the air cools, the tiles release their stored heat.

Recent research has proved that dust mite commonly found in the cleanest carpets is a major irritant to asthma sufferers.  New Zealand has one of the highest rates of asthma in the world.  The use of tiles can help reduce the potential risk caused by carpet dust mite.

Tiles are easy to keep clean, always look good and require little maintenance. Should damage occur it is relatively simple and inexpensive to repair.

Because tiles last for years longer than other traditional less permanent floor and wall coverings, the cost of using tiles is often the same cost or less than other quality floor coverings.

When planning your decorating scheme for your new home or extension then probably the first consideration should be given to selecting your covering, its testure and its colouring. The floor probably has the largest area of colour and will have the greatest impact on your colour scheme.  There is a large and comprehensive range of fashionable colours and combinations to suite any colour scheme. The subtle use of border tiles and selected patterns will further enhance your scheme.

Wall tiles can be used effectively in the kitchen, bathroom, shower, toilet and laundry areas.  They are easy to clean and always look sparkling fresh.

It is important to use the right tile for each situation and surfaces may vary greatly from high gloss to an aggressive anti slip.  Each has its own use and your Tile Centre will be able to help you select the right tile.  Tiles whenever, whatever and forever.  Yes, why not tiles?