Stellaria Clay Construction Materials

Porotherm clay block are a thousand-year-old building product matched with modern technology to create the perfect building product for your home.

Breathable, 100% natural, non-toxic, fast eco/bio friendly. Thermal mass for near zero energy in winter and cool in summer. Near zero maintenance. Acoustic, seismic – Porotherm is manufactured to last well beyond 150 years

Porotherm exposed wall2


  • Kiln-dried natural clay blocks and accessories – lintel, bond beam, column blocks.
  • Thermal insulation of 1.7 up to 5.4 depending on the size of the block specified. Building envelope of R3-4 depending on block and plaster system
  • When installed with Internorm Joinery the building performance is equal to and or better than Passive House heating/cooling demand of 7kWh m2/a
  • Porotherm uses 8 blocks /m2. Concrete block requires 12.5.
  • Clay blocks are available in sizes varying from 500 x 250 x 150 to 500 x 250 x 350.
  • Porotherm is 4 times faster to lay than conventional masonry construction methods.
  • Porotherm waste is typically 2% whereas concrete block wastes minimum 15%.
  • Mortar waste for Porotherm (being dry fix) is 2%, concrete block up to 40%.
  • Building site is much cleaner.
  • Porotherm uses 95% less water than concrete block.
  • Speed of construction makes it even more economical cutting down labour costs by up to 40% depending on design.
  • Much easier to finish floor slabs without obstruction of vertical steel.
  • Porotherm blocks are the best substrate for solid plaster finish – fit for purpose.
  • Declare Certified

Terca Clay facing bricks

TERCA is the leading international brand for clay facing bricks with currently 80 production sites in Europe and North America. As a result, virtually no other building material offers such a rich selection of colours, shapes and surface textures as TERCA facing bricks. An abundant choice worldwide of more than 1,700 different style options allows plenty of room for creative design. With TERCA facing bricks your building is sustainably protected against weathering influences. In a cavity wall construction, the supporting wall as well as the structural building elements and any thermal insulation receive lasting protection against moisture, water, cold and heat.

Argeton Clay cladding

ArGeTon® was developed as a back-ventilated façade cladding made from clay at the beginning of the 1980’s. The aim was to create a timeless modern façade with the unmistakable character of clay as a natural product.

The ArGeTon® façade enhances new and modern buildings and lends refurbished properties a contemporary character. Combined with steel, glass or wood, it is elegant, natural and timelessly perfect. ArGeTon® façades also keep their good looks for decades:

  • A clever water runoff system avoids the accumulation of dirt.
  • The ceramic colours remain constant and strong even when exposed to tough weathering conditions.
  • The façade is acknowledged to be particularly fire-resistant.
  • The joint profile of the façade protects against lateral shift of the façade tiles, the penetration of impact rain and rattling of the places in the wind.


Koramic Roof tiles

Koramic roof tiles clay-flat-roof-tiles-2763-6949559


Koramic, Wienerberger is the leading manufacturer of clay roof tiles in Europe. Over 120 years of amassed expertise and extensive production experience make us your first stop for clay roof tiles. As a natural material, they are a top example of how the current demand for sustainable products can be convincingly implemented.

Wienerberger produce 500 million tiles annually in 18 state-of-the-art factories at 13 different sites in 6 European countries. Wienerberger offers a broad range of more than 100 models in an extensive array of colours – glazed, sanded, multiblend – and different surface textures. Whether traditional, modern red tones or other colours, and whether for renovation projects or trendsetting architecture: Wienerberger has the right product for every taste and need, from the small plain tile of which 66 are needed per m², to the very large tiles of which only eight are needed to cover one square metre.

Penter Pavers

The unique character of fired pavers of natural clay and the many colours, textures and formats lend a particular aesthetic to gardens and open spaces. Feel nature with every step you take. Driveways, garden paths, patios and public squares get their special charm through the use of Penter paving bricks.


They fit perfectly into every landscape and harmonise perfectly – as constantly asserted by architects and garden designers – with all other building materials. With an abundant selection of different sizes and colours – from Mediterranean yellow tones to classical brick red and eye-catching anthracite – Penter paving bricks set visual accents in public spaces and private gardens.

Internorm Joinery

We are incredibly excited to be bringing Internorm Joinery to New Zealand. Internorm is Europe’s No. 1 window brand, trusted and highly regarded around the continent. They are leaders in thermally insulating, triple glazed window systems for passive houses. These Austrian made windows and doors have extremely high R values, comparitable to none.

Internorm offer an extensive range of both UPVC, UPVC/Aluminium and Timber/Aluminium Windows. With U values as low as 0.6 and respective R values to 1.5 – there is nothing like these on offer in New Zealand!

  • Offer UPVC, UPVC/Aluminium and Timber/Aluminium triple glazed windows
  • High thermal insulation
  • Sound reducing
  • Option of integrated ventilation, I-tec Ventilation, fresh air without big heat loss and better security
  • Option of tilt and turn opening
  • Integrated solar binds option for solar shading. I-tec SmartWindow technology enables convenient operation via your tablet or Smartphone


UPVC Windows

UPVC is affordable, humidity-resistant, flexible and has low thermal conductivity. Thus, perfect characteristics for the window industry. Internorm have been using UPVC for many decades to manufacture windows. They produce the UPVC profiles in their own manufacturing facilities and also put them into the required shape.

UPVC/aluminium Windows

Aluminium clad on the outside is much easier to care for and can also be designed in many colours and surfaces. The current trend for example is stainless steel or metallic decor colours. Also the demand for beige and brown tones next to the numerous grey tones is strongly rising.

Next to a multitude of colours and the different designs of the windows, Internorm can also offer you technical highlights such as I-tec ventilation. This ventilation can be fitted directly into the window frame of KF 410 or KV 440.

Timber/aluminium Windows

Timber windows are unparalleled in their naturalness and cosiness. If aluminium clads are attached to the outside, the timber becomes protected from weathering. Special foam situated between the timber and aluminium additionally ensures perfect thermal insulation and excellent U-values. Next to the classic timber types such as spruce and larch, Internorm also offer oak, ash and walnut. These are available in different colours. Thus, your windows can perfectly match your interior design, your floors and your interior doors.



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Please note: All installers and applicators must be licensed and approved by Stellaria.