Every home needs one, whether space is at a premium and the laundry is shared with the kitchen or bathroom, or you can afford to spread out and have a separate room. Either way, smart thinking at the outset will help you make the most of the space on offer.

Consider these points for starters:

  • Have you planned storage for detergents, clothesbaskets, ironing board and iron?
  • Is the laundry at the back door – if not, how will you access the clothesline?
  • How about a rack for drying clothes inside?
  • If you’re installing a tumble drier, can a vent pipe be plumbed into the wall? Is there space for a side-by-side washer and drier, or will it be more convenient to stack one appliance on the other?
  • Are the appliances easy to access and fill and empty?
  • Have you thought about plumbing for sink and washer?
  • Is the lighting sufficient for intended tasks?

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