The importance of good plumbing cannot be overstated. The homeowner’s domain of attractive tapware and bathroom fittings is important, but it’s just the cosmetic ‘tip of the iceberg’, beneath which a sound home depends on efficient and professionally installed plumbing to avoid weak flows, blockages, burst pipes, etc. Often in the process of a building project, be it a new home or a renovation, the plumber is brought in too late in the day and has to design a solution to fit an agreed layout. If instead you employ a plumber at the design stage, they can offer you advice on options that could save you thousands and will almost certainly ensure a better solution. There are a number of plumbing issues to consider when employing a plumber.
  • Check there is enough mains water pressure to supply all your requirements.
  • Check the pipe size is adequate for the number of appliances you are currently running and are likely to add in the future.
  • Do you want water filters, and, if so, how will they affect the water pressure?
  • Are you adding fire sprinklers?
  • Does your landscaping include water features and where do you need taps for garden needs? Is there backflow protection on the water features?
  • How can you conserve the amount of water you use and the energy used to heat the water?
  • Is there adequate insulation on the pipes so they can’t be heard?
  • Are the water pipes close enough to the hot water source or do you need multiple water heaters? plumbing

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