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A window or door treatment is an interior decorating element placed on, in, around, or over a window or door. Often, a goal of professional window/door treatment is to install the elements which enhance the aesthetics of the window/door and the room.  As the term indicates, treatments can be more than mere coverings.  Treating windows/doors is thought of as "packaging" them as a design element rather than simply covering them for function. Coverings are used to protect privacy, insulate heat and cold, and filter light; and while many people consider window/door treatments more aesthetic, they too can be functional. Treatments for covering the window/door may include: Hard treatments – Hard treatments are made of hard materials like wood or vinyl. Shutters are usually installed into the window frame and are horizontal slats, made either of wood or a poly resin that can either be stationary or tilt. They do not move up and down like blinds but in certain applications can fold across the window. Types of shutters include:
  • Wood shutters
  • Poly resin shutters
Blinds have louvers which allow one to open to a view without lifting the shade. It allows one to manipulate the light to create a customized feel. The name blinds comes from their use in blocking people from seeing into a home; they essentially “blind the observers view”. Over time, many new options and designs have developed, including anti-dust features and fabric tapes for blinds. Types of blinds include:
  • Wooden blinds
  • Faux wood blinds (Also known as Plaswood)
  • Aluminum blinds

  Shades are a piece of fabric which rolls, stacks or folds, opening to a view only when the shade is rolled up. That was the classic definition, now certain shades do allow for “view through”. Soft treatments are anything made of soft materials.
  • Curtains
  • Drapery

  Treatments around the window/door include:
  • Molding (decorative)
  • Cornice board OR Pelmet
  • Window valance

  Treatments applied to directly to the glass include:
  • Frosted glass
  • Smart glass
  • Stained glass

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