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  • The Gas Hub is your ‘go to’ place for all things natural gas. We’re here to give you information and help to make the best energy decisions for your home

    Natural gas feels better all over

    Nothing quite compares to natural gas. A natural gas home is warm, dry and luxuriously comfortable. For most people, natural gas also offers big savings over electricity. It simply feels better all over.

    Benefits of Natural Gas


    We think natural gas offers the ultimate in comfort, control and cost.  The benefits are numerous – take a look around this website and we think you’ll agree.

    The great thing is you can power a massive 70% of your home’s energy needs with natural gas. Think hot water, heating and cooking – indoors and outdoors. And because natural gas costs around-one third the standard unit price of electricity, the more natural gas you use instead of electricity, the more you’ll save on your energy bills.

    Gas At Home

     Did you know just how many things in your home can be powered by natural gas? Like your hot water, heating and cooking – indoors and outdoors. In fact, it can take care of 70% of a home’s energy needs.  And it’s affordable. Because natural gas costs around one third the price of electricity per unit, the more natural gas you use instead of electricity, the more you’ll save on your energy bills. Find out more.

    Modern Gas Appliances

    Natural gas appliances are a smart investment. They’re incredibly efficient so they’re cost effective to run – especially because natural gas is around one-third the standard unit cost of electricity.
    Modern natural gas appliances look sharp and are superbly functional. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to clever features designed for convenience (like wireless and smartphone operation) and safety (like a stop-fill device for baths). Click here for more information.

    Gas In Action

    If you’re new to natural gas it’s a great idea to check out appliances in action. And if you’re an old hat when it comes to natural gas – you may be surprised by how brilliantly the new generation appliances perform on both form and function. Read more here.

    Visit a showroom, show home or a regional home show.

    Using Natural Gas

    Natural gas packs quite a punch. All the heat you could ever want, on tap, 24/7.  And it’s efficient and affordable, and can offer big savings over electricity and LPG.

    It’s an energy source Kiwis can rely on because there’s heaps of it right on our doorstep. The experts think there’s enough gas to keep us all warm and toasty for generations to come. Find out more