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  • Our path to sustainability in New Zealand. 

    We believe that every New Zealander deserves a healthy, warm, dry, and beautiful home; and we are crazy passionate about seeing our clients getting just that. 

    Our journey took us all the way to Europe, where homes and buildings are warm/cool, strong, meet the utmost quality & performance levels and last many, many generations. 

    Having watched the evolution in building & design in New Zealand over the past 25 years, we know POROTHERM is the perfect building solution. One wall does it all… 

     Putaruru Project (link: 

     Porotherm Clay Block Construction 

    A Porotherm Clay Block home will give you the very best of European building precision and innovation, offering everything your home should be. The walls in your Porotherm home are 100% natural clay, with absolutely no synthetic or toxic materials and substances used either in the manufacturing process or the end product. As a result, there is no toxicity present and no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) outgassing over time, as occurs with timber frame construction. Read More (link:

     Taupo Project, Read More (link:




    Hawkes Bay Project (link: 

    Terca Bricks 

    Beautiful Terca brick – from charcoal blacks & cinnamon browns, to deep burgundy reds & creamy vanillas with everything in between… 

    With over 1,700 different styles to choose from, you’re bound to find the right one for you. Clay façade brick gives architects and designers the opportunity to showcase just how stunning brick can be. Design is unlimited, and the imagination of an architect can be fully challenged. Standing out from most cladding systems; brick is alive, organic, vibrant & versatile. Read More (link: 

    For more beautiful Brick Swatches, click here (link:

    Koramic Roof Tile 

    Wienerberger Koramic is the leading manufacturer of clay roof tiles in Europe. With over 120 years of amassed expertise and extensive production experience, Wienerberger Koramic offers a broad range of more than 100 ‘models’ in an extensive array of colours and textures – glazed, sanded, multiblend and more. Whether you are looking for a traditional, modern warm or cool look and feel or whether it is to match an existing roof for a renovation project, or for a trendsetting architectural design. Wienerberger Koramic offers the perfect tile for every building. Read More (link: 

    For more beautiful Koramic Roof Tile Swatches, click here (link: 


    ArGeTon is an innovative façade solution with timeless elegance. Cladded, ventilated façade panels, made of clay and combining particularly well with steel, glass or wood in new constructions, and they also lend renovation projects a modern character. 

    ArGeTon is backed by Wienerberger AG – the largest manufacturer of clay products in the world. ArGeTon was developed as a ‘rain screen’ fully-ventilated ceramic façade cladding manufactured at the beginning of the 1980’s. The aim was to create a timeless modern façade with the unmistakable character of clay as a natural product. Today, almost 40 years later, the name ArGeTon has come to represent quality, aesthetic and a future-oriented product development system, a service-oriented sales approach and the systematic quality assurance of a large company group. Read More (link: 

    For more beautiful ArGeTon Swatches, click here (link:

    Penter Pavers 

    The unique character of fired pavers of natural clay and the many colours, textures and formats available lend an unforgettable aesthetic to gardens and open spaces.
    Feel nature with every step you take. Driveways, garden paths, patios and public squares get their special charm through the use of Penter paving bricks. They fit perfectly into every landscape and harmonise beautifully –Penter paving bricks set extraordinary visual accents in public spaces and private gardens to create a unique and enduring look. Read More: (link:  

    For more beautiful Penter Pavers Swatches, click here (link:


    Triple-glazed joinery from INTERNORM is Europe’s number 1 insulated door and window brand trusted and highly regarded across the European continent. They are also leaders in thermally insulated triple-glazed window and door systems for those wanting certified ‘passive houses’. 

    INTERNORM offers an extensive range of both UPVC, UPVC/Aluminium and Timber/Aluminium windows. With U-values as low as 0.6 and respective R-values of 1.5. With INTERNORM triple-glazed joinery there is NO condensation. Read More (link: 

     UPVC is affordable, humidity-resistant, flexible, has low thermal conductivity, and available in a great choice of colours – perfect characteristics for the window industry.  

    UPVC/ Aluminium windows are the perfect choice for those who are looking for quality, performance and choice of colours. 

    Timber windows are unparalleled in their naturalness and cosiness. If aluminium is attached to the outside, the timber becomes protected from weathering. Special foam situated between the timber and aluminium additionally ensures perfect thermal insulation and excellent U-values. 

    UPVC  UPVC/ Aluminium  Timber/ Aluminium 
    Studio KF220  Home Soft KF410  Studio KF500  Studio KF220  Home Pure HF210  Studio HF410 

    UPVC  UPVC/ Aluminium  Timber/ Aluminium 
    Studio KF220  Home Soft KF410  Studio KF500  Studio KF220  Home Pure HF210  Studio HF410 


    BOEN is one of the leading manufacturers of hardwood flooring globally using advanced manufacturing techniques to meet the increasing demands on today’s commercial and residential floors. 

    BOEN’s main product is engineered hardwood flooring with 13 different timber species and a choice of veneer thicknesses to cover every specification. 

    The product range includes a large selection of 3-strip, plank and patterned hardwood flooring. Most of these products can be delivered finished with lacquered or oiled surfaces. BOEN can also offer tailor-made surfaces. Read More (link: