KLC Generation II® Eco-Friendly Timber Weatherboards

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  • Eco-Friendly and NZ Made

    We know you want the certainty of knowing you’re working with the best quality products for your new build or renovation project – products that are safe and proudly New Zealand-made.

    At last – KLC (a NZ family-owned business with a substantial investment in manufacturing – owner Kevin Lewis pictured below) is pleased to introduce a safe, environmentally friendly, sustainable treated exterior cladding range – with four international environmental accreditations* meaning it’s safe for you to work with and safe for you to live with!

    You absolutely know it will satisfy New Zealand Building Standards and give you the protection and security of a lifetime performance. It also enhances the building’s ability to avoid ‘leaky home syndrome’ when used correctly.

    Architectural Designers NZ were so impressed with Generation II’s environmental achievements, they even wrote about us:

    “One New Zealand company that is going the extra mile to get their product eco-labelled is KLC. One of New Zealand’s largest and most innovative timber treatment and re-manufacturing operations producing weatherboards, fascia and dressed boards, the company has introduced Koppers Performance Chemicals Micropro® water-based treatment, which utilises micronised copper compounds, in its KLC Generation II® exterior cladding system. This helps ensure better environmental outcomes.

    Koppers has recently been awarded a Global Green Tag certification for Micropro®. Global Green Tag is one of the world’s most robust, trusted and widely recognised ecolabels.”

    KLC’s Generation II® H3.2 MicroPro® treated exterior timber weatherboard cladding systems are vastly superior to other products available.

    It has a 50-year treatment warranty from an internationally renowned preservative supplier, more than double other cladding treatments. Other timber cladding treatment systems are mostly H3.1 with 10- to 25-year warranties.

    As the ADNZ blog went on:

    “Chrissie Atkinson, KLC’s NZ Marketing Manager says it makes a difference to be able to stand by your product and know it’s better for the environment than some alternatives currently available.

    “Copper-based treatment systems are recognised with delivering treatment efficacy in an environmentally sustainable way. Environmental sustainability is demonstrated in low leaching of treatment preservatives from the timber – this means it is a safer product to use, work with and live within. Is odour-free, has no chrome and arsenic, and is supported by Greenguard. We have researched and worked hard to find an alternative wood treatment to meet the industry standard. This is an advanced product environmentally.”

    The MicroPro® treatment system is a waterborne copper-based preservative that is not chromium or arsenic-based, applied to the wood using a high-pressure treatment process – designed to fully penetrate/permeate the wood, unlike other H3.1 treatments that provide an “envelope”, that can breakdown after cutting, nailing, boring etc.

    The MicroPro® treatment protects from termites, borer and fungal decay with a NZ Hazard Class rating of H3.2. Compared to other treatments, MicroPro® treatment offers reduced corrosivity, allowing the use of hot-dipped galvanised fixings and fasteners to meet building code requirements.

    KLC’s Generation II® H3.2 products have a dual coat, superior oil-based primer, providing good water resistance ready for your top coat application.

    MicroPro® treated products from KLC are 100% NZ Radiata pine sourced from FSC sustainable, plantation-grown forests. Weatherboards are manufactured to a standard length of 6.3 metres long, assuring less wastage. KLC’s Generation II® H3.2 exterior claddings and profiles are also formaldehyde-free with no odour and eco-friendly.

    Low volatile organic compounds are used in the treatment and glue manufacturing process. The MicroPro® treatment has independently-certified environmental credentials for Green Building, Low VOC emissions and is an Environmentally Preferable Product.

    A warranty for generations to come

    For your new build or renovation project use products that are safe and proudly New Zealand-made. Make sure you specify KLC’s Generation II® cladding systems.

    Superior Quality

    When budgets are pushed, it’s tempting to select on price. However, we feel it’s important to consider the potential quality issues. Have the treatment levels been tested? Will the glue stand up to exterior use? Is the paint system compatible with the treatment and what happens if there are manufacturing flaws?

    Who will sort these out when inferior products fail? Do they comply with NZ standards? Are they Building Code compliant? Will they stand up to a building report in the future when the property goes up for sale?

    What is the fingerjoint profile used and is it suitable and is the substrate an edge glued blank, especially in ex 150mm and ex 200mm profiles.
    By choosing the Generation II® H3.2 treated exterior timber weatherboard, you know it’s NZ made and you have the best available so you can stand by the 50-year treatment warranties for years to come.

    A home or investment property secures the majority of a family’s wealth, so the quality of construction at the building stage is of paramount importance.

    Check out KLC’s “GENLAM” brand for your next fence project using Micropro H3.2 and H4 components.

    Choose wisely for you your family’s well-being. For more information, visit www.klc.co.nz

    Available profiles and sizes:

    Bevelback weatherboards from 135 to 230×18 

    Rusticated weatherboards from 135 to 230×18


    Vertical Shiplap weatherboards, smooth face, single & double groove from 135 to 180×18


    Fascia, Box Corners, scribers and finishing boards – 

    * These environmental accreditations are: UL Greenguard, SCS Global Services, Global GreenTag, Home Innovation NGBS. The US Environmental Protection Agency recognizes Micropro’s environmental credentials. too.

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