This is one of the most exciting moments in the project, as the frames go up quickly and it looks like everything is happening. Bear in mind, however, that while work continues, not much seems to change rapidly from here.
Your big decision on framing is whether to use timber or steel, and there’s some debate on which material is better. Here are some of the key points.

Timber …

■ is a renewable natural resource
■ is familiar to most builders in New Zealand
■ is long-lasting, if properly treated
■ can emit chemicals such as volatile organic compounds
■ can move, resulting in stresses and cracks.
■ can rot when penetrated by water.

Steel …

■ does not emit chemicals, and has endorsements from the Asthma Foundation
■ costs roughly the same as timber to install
■ will, if correctly erected, not move at all
■ will not rot should your home leak.

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Timber Framing


Juken NZ Ltd

We are a New Zealand (“NZ”) based and registered company and have been heavilly involved with the NZ forestry,  and wood-processing industries for the past 20 years – manufacturing advanced and innovative wood products.

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Steel Framing

KS Holdings

KS Holdings is the dynamic parent company of a group of diverse businesses which provide various steel products and services within the NZ construction industry.

09 277 2700

Steel Framing


SteelHaus creates strong, reliable and cost-effective steel framed homes and buildings around New Zealand, catering to both residential and commercial markets

0508 826 766



100% recycled Polyestyrene to protect below the ground the waterproofing seal from the back filling process

09 278 7175

Timber Framing


Manufactured from 100% renewable Radiata Pine plantation forest, typically used as load bearing beams for windows, doors, garage spans.

09 373 3933

Steel Framing


ZOG delivers a unique steel building structure with its patented fixing system and profile.

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Steel Framing


Design and supply Steel Framing for projects from tiny sheds to large apartments and everything in between.

0800 50 78335

Steel Framing

Steel Haus

Steel framing offers solutions to strength, design versatility, cost savings, health and safety benefits, wider open floor plans, energy and environment efficiency.

0508 826 766