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  • Nightingale Garage Doors and Gates Ltd is a family business that was established in 1966. It was the first manufacturer of Steel tilt doors in the Otago area. Based in Dunedin. We supply,install and repair Garage Doors and Gates. We also fit Auto or Motors to current doors and gates in Dunedin and the surrounding areas.

    We specialise in the manufacture, installation, upgrading, service and repair of residential garage roller, sectional and tilt doors as well as light industrial doors. When it comes to garage door motors we recommend Merlin products manufactured by Chamberlain the world’s number one manufacturer of garage door operators.

    We also specialise in servicing and upgrading to existing Merlin and Grifco products and fitting doors and gates with motors.

    Our Products 

    Garage Doors

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    Roller Door Openers

    Merlin MR850 Rolling Door Opener

    The Premium DC Slimline Roller Door Opener for Residential Rolling Garage Doors up to 16.5m2

    Designed in Australia and nominated for an Australian International Design Award.

    This is more than just another roller door opener. Suitable for doors up to 16.5m2 with optional battery backup, integrated monitored output for home automation and energy-saving LED lighting. This opener is ideal for large single or double residential roller doors.

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    Merlin MT3850 WhisperDrive

    The Ultimate Opener Super-Fast and Quiet with Integrated Battery Backup

    For the house that deserves the best, this is the ultimate garage door opener. The Merlin Whisper Drive is fast, quiet and feature packed with a wide variety of extras including an integrated battery back up system. We have left nothing to chance to make this “The Ultimate Opener”.

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    Our Accessories 

    Nightingale has a wide range of accessories for its garage door operators. Choose from the following range.

    Merlin 3 channel “bear claw” mini remote (AM)

    Controls up to three different doors or gates. Suitable for pocket, or key chain.

    Part No: C945
    Suits Models: MR600/800, MT5580, MT60/600/1000.

    Merlin 2 channel mini-remote (FM)

    Controls up to two doors or gates. Includes a clip-on system for dashboard mounting.

    Part No : M842 
    Suits models: M430R, M230T.

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