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  • LEAP has been in the industry for over 20 years. Our expertise includes home and architectural design, water and energy products incorporating the latest hydro and thermo technologies and combining these to provide solutions for your home that fit your budget, your plans and your lifestyle.

    Our Products

    Maniflow plumbing SystemsLEAP_Maniflow

    Saves energy and conserves water by having a dedicated pipeline from a manifold near the hot water cylinder to each tap or fixture in the house. Hot water goes straight where it is needed without sitting around cooling in the big feeder pipes needed to serve multiple outlets.   Read more here ……

    Less energy and water is wasted as hot water arrives faster at the tap. Flexible and non-metallic pipes result in a quiet and efficient plumbing system that does not suffer corrosion, scaling or microbiological build-up.


    Is a highly effective way to radiate comfortable, healthy warmth though your home.  TERRTHERM pipes heat by circulating hot water through flexible underfloor pipes. TERRATHERM is built-in and unobtrusive. The system delivers warmth by radiant heat transfer starting at ground level.  Radiant heat is most comfortable for the human body because it provides a gentle therapeutic heat that gives your home a welcoming ambience.

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    LEAP benefits include :

    ·         Energy and water savings
    ·         Fewer maintenance and repair problems
    ·         Environmental Benefits
    ·         Future proofed to meet new building legislations
    ·         Designed by the experts

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