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  • Mardeco is all about quality, design, and good service. We believe in looking after our clients and ensuring that they can get the products they’re looking for, when they need them.

    Mardeco Kitchen Handles and Knobs

    Aesthetic design combined with manufacturing excellence and the personal input of the client produces the ultimate result. Many have said that Mardeco holds the ultimate combination for the best quality, service and price. Read more here.

    Mardeco Architectural Hardware

    An extensive range of Door Handles, Mortice Locks, Latches, Flush Pull handles, Doorstops, Flush Bolts and Pull handles. All our products are selected on high quality and design. Find out more.

    Sliding Door Tracks

    Now available from stock modular Sliding Door Kits in 304 Stainless Steel or Brushed Aluminium. Suitable for both Glass Doors and Wooden Sliding Doors. Click here for more.


    Artiteq is a low cost, high profile, high quality flexible picture hanging system. It provides a professional way to display art and other decorative items in a home or public area. Using Artiteq will give you total freedom and flexibility to move your hangings around without having to worry about holes in the wall or damaging your pieces of art. Read more here.


    Picture Hanging Systems

    The Artiteq picture hanging systems allows for maximum horizontal and vertical flexibility without damaging walls, eliminating costly repairs patching holes and painting expenses. Click here for more products


    “For us at the Auckland Museum, Artiteq hanging solutions provided an elegant and cost effective way to display two dimensional art on are permanent walls. As our walls in certain galleries are heritage walls, we need to reduce the  amount of holes we drill into walls. This system works time in time again, is easy to use and looks the part. I am very happy with it and can recommend it to commercial and private use. The service provided by Mardeco is excellent, where the customer is truly “king”. I am looking at expanding this system in further galleries.”  Max Riksen, Exhibitions Production Manager, Auckland War Memorial Museum


    “The Artiteq I display in my photography studio offer a classic, fresh and stylish approach to hanging my portraits. The Artiqeq system is easy to use to display multiple images at varying heights and is non-instrusive to the photos themselves. ”  Tony Gatman of Tony Gatman Photography