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LEAP Australasia Ltd

LEAP has been in the industry for over 20 years. Our expertise includes home and architectural design, water and energy products incorporating the latest hydro and thermo technologies and combining these to provide solutions for your home that fit your budget, your plans and your lifestyle.

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Plumbing Solutions, Products


InSInkErator is the home of the world’s best-selling range of food waste disposers, and the amazing Steaming Hot Water Tap which delivers instant near boiling filtered hot water ready to make a cup of tea at the pull of a lever.

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Plumbing Solutions


MANIFLOW saves energy and conserves water by having a dedicated pipeline from a manifold near the hot water cylinder to each tap or fixture in the house. Hot water goes straight where it is needed.

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Water Management

Jet Waste

Water tanks, filters and pumps as well as specialising in installing and servicing a wide range of waste water treatment plants.  

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Water Heating


EcoSpring next generation hot water heating systems to reduce water heating operating costs

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To hygienically discharge wastewater wihtout odour and contamination from the wastewater system

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Water Heating


Direct solar storage with electric boost or Premier solar water systems

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