The Natural Paint Company

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  • The Natural Paint Company brings you naturally beautiful finishes for use in and around your home and living environment. Combining ingredients which are natural and pure, we offer well-performing, honest, well-manufactured, quality products which are safer to use and environmentally responsible.


    Painting walls has never been more fun than with The Natural Paint Company’s beautiful range of colours. Whatever painting project you are planning in your home – whether it’s where you prepare and eat food or the most delicate areas like bedrooms or baby’s nursery – The Natural Paint Company has a range of healthier and environmentally responsible paints suitable for you.

    Wall Paint

    A matt, breathable interior paint based on natural and non toxic ingredients. Pleasant smelling, it comes in a wide range of colours. It has very low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and does not contribute to smog or pollution. It contains no lead, glycol derivatives, aromatic hydrocarbons or styrene compounds. The Natural Paint Company Wall Paint has been tested according to Australian Standard AS 1580 for scrub-resistance and hiding power.

    Wall Paint Primer

    A penetrating, matt, breathable interior primer/sealer for use with The Natural Paint Company Wall Paint that has a pleasant smell and is based on natural and non-toxic ingredients. No special Gib sealer is required. It has very low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and does not contribute to smog or pollution and can be tinted to match the top coat.

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    When choosing a natural coating for timber in your home there are a number of options available from wax, to oils to natural varnish. The Natural Paint Company’s natural coatings allow wooden surfaces to breathe while giving protection and natural beauty to your home and living environment.

    Hard Varnish

    An excellent natural alternative to a polyurethane.  Our Hard Varnish is an extremely hard wearing natural oil that is colourless, and made from natural oils, waxes and tree resins. The Natural Paint Company Hard Varnish forms a medium-hard, elastic, antistatic surface which is breathable and water-repellent. Available in a matt, satin or gloss finish.

    Floor Oil/Wax

    A high quality, solvent-free floor coating intended for professional application. The Natural Paint Company Floor Oil/Wax both primes and topcoats in one while enhancing the timber grain. It gives a matt and durable finish

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    While offering naturally beautiful coatings for your living spaces, The Natural Paint Company also has a range of environmentally responsible products which can help with thinning, cleaning and maintaining interior surfaces.

    The Natural Paint Company Thinner

    A natural thinner with a pleasant citrus smell, The Natural Paint Company Thinner is an excellent solvent for natural resin and oil-based paints and varnishes. Also suitable for cleaning oily and fatty surfaces and tools. Free of synthetic solvents: toluene, benzene napthenes and aromatic compounds.

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    Created right here in New Zealand, we have hand crafted our paints for their unique hues and tones which are safer to use and environmentally responsible.  Check out our colour range online here or order a colour chart to be sent directly to your door. For more information view our comprehensive website at