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In New Zealand’s variable climate, the most popular option for air conditioning is a stand alone heat pump, as it will both keep you cool in summer and warm in the winter but ceiling units are another, less utilized option. Note that Heat Recovery Systems are neither heating nor cooling units (unless these are fitted) though you may notice efficiencies with both if you have one installed. A heat pump works the same way your fridge does. It removes warm air from one side of the house wall and transfers it to the other – outside to in, if heating (even if it’s colder outside), and inside to out, if cooling. Because it uses coils rather than heating elements, a heat pump can be very energy-efficient to run. Choosing a system Efficiency depends on choosing the right size and type of heat pump for your home, and there are a range of options on offer. You can buy a single unit for one room, or a multi-system unit for two to four rooms. Choices break down further into wall units, floor units, ceiling units or fully ducted systems. If doing a new build, then consider a whole-home ducted system, with the heat pump installed in the roof cavity and vents built into ceilings. It’s important to consider the size of your room. Larger rooms require more powerful models. Remember, even though a larger unit may cost more upfront, it will run more efficiently when heating a large space and so use less energy on an ongoing basis. The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) has launched a rating system, called the Energy Star Mark, that allows you to identify particularly efficient units. air-con-1 Installation Buying a unit and installing it yourself may not be the best option in the long run – installation to manufacturer’s specifications is often imperative for warranties to be valid. Choosing a professional installation service is likely to be both trouble-free and more cost-effective overall. You’re also more likely to get the type of unit most suitable for your requirements. As well as efficiency, check how loud the unit is – some can be noticeably intrusive. Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems A true heat recovery ventilation system is a ducted home ventilation system designed to remove the stale damp air while also introducing fresher drier air into your home. The key to the system is the heat exchanger, which recovers heat from the air inside the home, before it is discharged to the outside, and simultaneously warms the incoming air.  Heat recovery systems typically recover 67–95% of the heat in exhaust air. Advantages of heat recovery systems include:
  • Reduces heat loss from inside the home
  • Recovers already generated heat, saving you money on your electricity costs
  • Can be easily used effectively in combination with heat pumps
  • Allows effective ventilation where open windows are a security risk and in windowless rooms (eg interior bathrooms and toilets)
  • Operates as a ventilation system in summer, by bypassing the heat exchange system and simply replacing indoor air with outdoor air
  • Reduces indoor moisture in winter, as cooler air outside will have lower relative humidity.
  • Heat recovery systems meet the requirements of fresh outdoor air ventilation in Building Code Clause G4 Ventilation.
wall-mounted-air-conditioner-split-system-residential-inverter-536-7157721 Remember, these are not heating systems (unless a unit is also installed), so some means of warming the house is also needed.

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Ventilation Systems

Harrisons Energy Solutions

We have the experts to make your home warmer and healthier with a range of products such as insulation, ventilation, solar system, and heat pumps, along with the qualified installers to match, so we can offer you a complete solution.

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Air Con - Heat Pumps, Ventilation Systems

Fujitsu Generel

Fujitsu General has specialised in designing and producing Heat Pumps for well over 40 years. Heat Pumps is all we do! Our advanced models are engineered to add many benefits to your home lifestyle.

Air Con - Heat Pumps, Ventilation Systems

Toshiba Heat Pumps

Toshiba is committed to delivering the highest standards of quality and innovation across our product range and services. For more than 40 years Toshiba has led the world in creating better air conditioning; setting new standards in comfort, ease of use, energy conservation and climate control.

(0800) AIRCON

Air Con - Heat Pumps, Ventilation Systems

Mitsubishi Electric

Founded in 1981 by Chairman Ron Woodrow, Black Diamond Technologies Limited (formerly Melco New Zealand) has become a leader in the New Zealand Air Conditioning and Home Appliance markets.

Ventilation Systems


Keep warm in winter and cool in summer with HomeTech’s range of Heat Pumps.

0800 466 383

Air Con - Heat Pumps, Ventilation Systems

Aircon New Zealand

Air Con’s commitment to professional and trusted advice has allowed it to become a leading nationwide supplier of heating solutions in New Zealand for the past 14 years with branches around the country. Our experience and expertise in the field is available in many cities to many more people.

Ventilation Systems

Right House

A whole-home holistic approach to ventilation, heating & cooling, insulation and more

pls refer to website for your local branch

Ventilation Systems


A range of Ventilation systems to suit your needs and budget

0800 387 387

Ventilation Systems


Extraction ranges to ventilate from bathrooms, toilets, utility rooms and kitchens

0508 973 5247

Ventilation Systems

Smartvent Systems

SmartVent Evolve is an intelligent tablet based system that lets you control your home’s internal climate. 

0800 140 150

Ventilation Systems

Green-vent Solar

A solar powered vent that is controlled using a humidistat and a thermostat to ensure it runs only when required.

0800 257 964

Ventilation Systems

Healthaire Superventilation

Healthaire SUPER VENTILATION is a Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) system which continuously introduces new air, while using the increased pressure to expel the existing air at the same rate.  

0800 888 388

Ventilation Systems


An unobtrusive ventilation system that pushes out moisture-laden air while gently introducing fresh filtered air

Ventilation Systems

Moisture Master

Home ventilation, heat recovery ventilation, condensation control, heat exchange ventilation and ventilation extraction systems.

Ventilation Systems


S-Touch generation of ventilation systems from Weiss are incredibly simple to operate, yet exceptionally customisable to suit your home and your family, and intelligent enough to ventilate your home automatically.

09 274 4113

Ventilation Systems


Generate a personalised ventilation solution for your home

0800 HRV 123