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  • We’ve always been passionate about offering value to customers, so we set up Harrisons Curtains & Blinds to bring the great deals on window furnishings to you.

    Harrisons Curtains & Blinds is run by the Harrisons Group, the same family behind Harrisons Carpet andHarrisons Energy Solutions. We’ve been bringing fantastic deals to our customers since 1962, when Des Harrison first went into the carpet business. Today we’re still a family-run business – Kiwi owned and proud of it!

    Custom-made Curtains

    All our curtains are custom made to fit your home then installed by our expert installation team. There are a number of elements to consider when choosing your curtains, fabric, lining, pleat style & tracks.

    With a few simple tricks achieving a superior finish to your interiors is easy. For example not all windows in a room are at the same height, some might be full length and others not therefore wherever possible to maintain the illusion of height in the room and achieve a consistent look all Curtains should be fitted at the same height and drop all the way down to the floor.

    By extending the Curtain Track 10% of the window width either side of the window, when the Curtain is open it will stack onto the wall and not encroach over the window maximising the light and the view.

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    A huge range of fabrics for your custom curtains:

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    Venetian Blinds in a Range of Materials

    Available in 3 styles Aluminium, PVC & Timber. An economical option, Venetians provide a dual function for both day and night. By simply tilting the slats you can filter light during the day and close the slats completely at night. Whilst Venetians are able to be pulled up they are designed as tilt only function, continuous lifting of the blind will quickly wear the mechanism out so for example they are not a suitable application for doors.

    Aluminium Venetians

    25mm Aluminium slats: A classic slim slat and light weight blind, great in Kitchen areas.

    PVC Venetian

    50mm Polystyrene (PVC) slat: With exceptional thermal stability and resilience for extreme temperature and high moisture environments these wood look alike Venetians are a durable & popular window treatment.

    Marupa Wood Venetians

    50mm Hardwood Timber slat: Environmentally friendly as timber is sourced from sustainable plantations. Slats are coated with an extra heavy UV coating ensuring durability for the harsh New Zealand conditions.
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    All our shutters are custom made to fit your home then installed by our expert installation team. Shutters add warmth and privacy to your home and unlike many other window dressings, indoor shutters are low maintenance and easy to clean. The ultimate in style and versatility!

    We offer 3 Ranges of Shutters Classic, Classic Plus & Artisan each available in 3 styles, Hinged, Bi Fold or Sliding.


    Classic Shutter, an extremely durable and cost effective Shutter with a polypropylene coating. Excellent in hard knock areas, available in 5 white and neutral colours.

    Classic Plus

    Classic Plus, This new and exciting product combines the best of Classic framing and stiles with Artisan blades. The ABS blades are hard wearing and more resistant to knocks. As these blades are lighter in weight the Shutter can be manufactured to a wider dimension. Available in 20 White and neutral paint options.


    Artisan, a very hard wearing, water resistant composite Shutter manufactured with ABS and wood laminate together. Ideal in bathrooms. Available in 6 White and neutral colours.

    Bi-Fold Shutters

    Hinged Shutters

    Sliding and Shaped Shutters

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