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Architecture has been called ‘frozen music’ and in this series of articles we’re going to explore elements of design and building that showcase the flash and the foundations of this music.

If you’re building, come back regularly to check on new insights and products we discover along the way…

Curtains or Blinds?
Or Blinds or Curtains..?

Window Treatments have big impact on what a home feels like inside. It’s a big colour/pattern block and then there are other considerations, like thermal properties, ease of use, cost, etc…

Our friends at Harrisons have explored this topic in their post here, which we’ve shared from their own blog page.

Read more here…

Eco-friendly Food Waste Management

In-sink food waste disposers are actually really good for the environment, and cut down on your rubbish too! What’s not to like…

A new product came across our desk recently for a part of building that’s often overlooked. Tanking, aka waterproofing, is an essential item and often involves highly toxic chemicals. But you can eat this product, and even better, it works a lot better too…read more here…

Step Inside the Most Beautiful Hotel Bathrooms in the World | Architectural Digest

Plenty of inspiration here for constructing your dream bathroom

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MB Architecture constructs university building from shipping containers

A great example of how useful shipping containers can be in the right circumstance

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PIMs and LIMs – Why they’re important

PIMs and LIMs are important, yet remain mysterious for many people – here’s what you need to know,

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Mirrored off-grid prefab can be a tiny home, office, or sauna

This futuristic tiny home design offers maximum flexibility

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Steps to building your dream

The North Shore Home & Garden Show is at the NS Events Centre, starting tomorrow & thru this weekend. Free for kids and you get a DISCOUNT thanks..

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Curvaceous geothermal-powered home “floats” on a French lake

This “floating” home is powered by solar and geothermal energy to minimise its environmental footprint

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5 new photos by Mark Graham

Great walkabout at the Unitec Campus with the new Ministers in charge of building and housing – @JennySalesa and @PhilTwyford and looking forward..

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We’ve mapped out what to expect from the construction process – 19 typical steps on the road to that celebratory glass of champagne in your new..

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Ask architects to design unique tiny homes, and the results are otherwordly

An eclectic array of tiny home designs from around the world makes for an interesting read for architecture fans

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This top-rated app will help you envision and create any home design project

Technology like this is handy for trailing different designs during the initial ideation process

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