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Architecture has been called ‘frozen music’ and in this series of articles we’re going to explore elements of design and building that showcase the flash and the foundations of this music.

If you’re building, come back regularly to check on new insights and products we discover along the way…

Curtains or Blinds?
Or Blinds or Curtains..?

Window Treatments have big impact on what a home feels like inside. It’s a big colour/pattern block and then there are other considerations, like thermal properties, ease of use, cost, etc…

Our friends at Harrisons have explored this topic in their post here, which we’ve shared from their own blog page.

Read more here…

Eco-friendly Food Waste Management

In-sink food waste disposers are actually really good for the environment, and cut down on your rubbish too! What’s not to like…

A new product came across our desk recently for a part of building that’s often overlooked. Tanking, aka waterproofing, is an essential item and often involves highly toxic chemicals. But you can eat this product, and even better, it works a lot better too…read more here…

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Remember, you are not restricted to the items your architect or designer suggests. Look widely and be comfortable participating in the decisions..

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The home heating mistakes you may be making (and how to fix them)

While construction is a big part of keeping the cold at bay, these little tricks can help

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Clever design created two kid's bedrooms from one

Check out this creative building solution for maximising space while giving the kids the privacy of their own room

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@tvnz are reporting on a cladding system that is failing in homes around the country. The product is the KT3 cladding, ex-China, imported and..

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The One Thing No One Tells You When Choosing Your Kitchen Countertop

We like to encourage people building and renovating to think beyond the normal so you get a better home. One of those things is the creative..

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HOBANZ - Home Owners and Buyers Association of New Zealand

Getting a geotechnical report is essential!

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6 tips for kid-friendly design in your home |

Looking to build a home fit for the whole family? Here are some great tips!

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NZIA 'best of the west' awards include architecture icon

An inspiring rebuild that connects past, present and future

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No place like home! How technology is shaping home design - The Sociable

A look at how technology is shaping the future of new home design

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Building Guide

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