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Architecture has been called ‘frozen music’ and in this series of articles we’re going to explore elements of design and building that showcase the flash and the foundations of this music.

If you’re building, come back regularly to check on new insights and products we discover along the way…

Curtains or Blinds?
Or Blinds or Curtains..?

Window Treatments have big impact on what a home feels like inside. It’s a big colour/pattern block and then there are other considerations, like thermal properties, ease of use, cost, etc…

Our friends at Harrisons have explored this topic in their post here, which we’ve shared from their own blog page.

Read more here…

Eco-friendly Food Waste Management

In-sink food waste disposers are actually really good for the environment, and cut down on your rubbish too! What’s not to like…

A new product came across our desk recently for a part of building that’s often overlooked. Tanking, aka waterproofing, is an essential item and often involves highly toxic chemicals. But you can eat this product, and even better, it works a lot better too…read more here…

How to build a climate-proof home that never floods

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The bitter legacy of houses designed for England, not New Zealand

Is it acceptable that senior #citizens in state or social #housing are left feeling cold and their concerns ignored. What should be done? ️️..

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Tiny house court case a 'landmark' for future of owners in New Zealand

This will be an interesting one to watch. “With no specific legislation for tiny #houses, some councils are treating them as #buildings that..

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Design Guide


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Timeline Photos

Are you thinking about #renovating? We’ve put together some useful #protips and #tricks for you, along with some helpful and important #advice…

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HSP 4x4


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Master Builders reveal best new house and renovation in Canterbury

The Canterbury Registered Master Builders Supreme House of the Year is a $2 million-plus build in Fendalton by Gregg Builders. ️🧰 Read more:..

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Auckland consents hit all time high - Good Returns

The Super City has seen the number of new dwelling consents being issued surge to a record high – but economists believe house building activity..

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Legal requirements - Building Guide - house design and building tips, architecture, architectural design, building regulations, auckland builder, christchurch builder, wellington builder, hamilton builder, tauranga builder, dunedin builder,...

If you’re building, you need to know about the law. All building work is controlled by the Building Act 2004 and the Building Amendment Act 2008..

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80% go over budget, 34% average overspend. Grand Design homes are special, but Kevin McLeod’s famous words, “I’m not sure they know what..

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