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Architecture has been called ‘frozen music’ and in this series of articles we’re going to explore elements of design and building that showcase the flash and the foundations of this music.

If you’re building, come back regularly to check on new insights and products we discover along the way…

Curtains or Blinds?
Or Blinds or Curtains..?

Window Treatments have big impact on what a home feels like inside. It’s a big colour/pattern block and then there are other considerations, like thermal properties, ease of use, cost, etc…

Our friends at Harrisons have explored this topic in their post here, which we’ve shared from their own blog page.

Read more here…

Eco-friendly Food Waste Management

In-sink food waste disposers are actually really good for the environment, and cut down on your rubbish too! What’s not to like…

A new product came across our desk recently for a part of building that’s often overlooked. Tanking, aka waterproofing, is an essential item and often involves highly toxic chemicals. But you can eat this product, and even better, it works a lot better too…read more here…

Photos from Building Guide's post

When you’re a builder, and you’re driving your Ute or van with your name all over it, parking stupidly or driving to endanger others is a..

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Genius Kitchen Organization Tips That Pros Swear By

The perfect kitchen layout is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing

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Veteran carpenter builds gorgeous tiny home that boasts impressive wood working and screened-in porch

You could do a lot worse when constructing a tiny home than this clever creation

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The Newest Trend in Home Design: The Indoor Outdoor Living Room

“A fast growing trend, is to have sliding glass panels that slide into the wall, completely opening up the indoor living room to the patio, as..

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James Whitaker unveils modular prefab home system that can be 'daisy-chained together'

Great idea for modular homes. Daisy chaining modules creates homes of any size easily.

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Looking for a quality builder in Auckland? We’ve compiled an exhaustive list of your best options

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Timeline Photos

Would you like to make better margins on your jobs? We can show you how… –

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Photovoltaic Concrete: The Next Big Thing in Architecture?

Even if this doesn’tfly, there’sno doubt new technologies applied to our home are goingto dramaticallychange our lives, and the businesses..

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Exclusive: Airbnb will start designing houses in 2019

Maybe it will take someone from outside the building industry to really provide significant innovation. Air BnB coming to a backyard near you..

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Brian Gaynor: Fletcher shocker one of the worst

Business analyst and commentator, Brian Gaynor, is highly critical of Fletcher Building’s board and senior executives. Not a good look…

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