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The Building Guide

The Building Guide (previously known as Homeowner’s Building Guide) is a magazine/directory that has been published since 1991.

It is regionally focussed and includes key points out of the Building Act for people doing new builds or home renovations and is the only magazine like this to be distributed through local Councils to people picking up application forms for building consents.

Mark Graham and his wife have published the Building Guide since April 2006 and BoB – The Business of Building since January 2008. They introduced Design Guide in 2012 and Yiju, the NZ Property Investment & Building Guide for the Chinese market in 2014.

In 2023 Mark ceded ownership of TBG to Box™, a unique company that has designed and build houses in Auckland since 2009. Mark will continue to help Box™ evolve the site further.

Things have changed a bit over the years but it’s still not easy finding the information that’s out there.

We’ve set this site up to make it easy for you.