Inspections & Code Compliance Certificate

Building Inspections

Your Building Consent documentation will list the stages at which you need to call for inspections of the work. It is very important that all the inspections are called for.

If inspections are missed the Council may not be able to issue a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) when it is completed. If you are in doubt about whether or not an inspection is needed, please contact the council.

A Code Compliance Certificate is issued when a building project is finished

If you don’t get one then you may have trouble selling your house as the work has not been authoristed and in extreme cases the council can ask you to pull your house down!

The Council must be satisfied on reasonable grounds that the building work under the building consent complies with the building consent as issued. So if you do work that is not part of the building consent, you will not get a CCC. And you cannot sell your house if you have not got a CCC for any work undertaken, work which will have been noted (or not, as the case may be) on your LIM.

Whether or not CCCs have been issued for building consents is recorded in any Land Information Memorandum (LIM) and building status report for your property. A CCC cannot be issued for work carried out without a building consent, and other compliance matters may also have to be addressed in order for a Building Consent Authority (BCA) to issue a Code Compliance Certificate, such as failure to provide the BCA with Energy Works certificate and/or any developments contribution etc.

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Obtaining your Certificate

When all work under a building consent is completed, contact the Council to arrange a time for a final inspection. You must provide a completed Code Compliance Certificate Application form before a Code Compliance Certificate can be issued.

If your council hasn’t received an application for a CCC within two years of the issuing of the Consent, they have to contact you to check on the build. Often councils will specify a timeframe within which the building project must be completed and it can be less than this two year timeframe.

If the work has been carried out in accordance with your consent and in compliance with the Building Code, the Council will issue a Code Compliance Certificate. If the work does not comply, the Council will issue a Notice to Fix, identifying areas of non-compliance that you will need to address, once the items are complete, you can request a second inspection.

Inspections for snow load