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Selecting products

There is a plethora of options for selecting products for all aspects of building, from the materials you use in the structure to the electronics you install in your home; from the insulation to the interior lining to the flooring and floor covering, roofing and more. Read below for general advice on how to choose the best products for your project, or jump straight to our Product Gallery pages here to review excellent suppliers…

You are not restricted to the items your architect or designer suggests– look widely and be comfortable participating in the decisions around the materials used and professionals employed – this is, after all, your house.

It doesn’t have to be pink and it doesn’t have to be timber. There are thousands of wonderful products out there – explore and enjoy – after all – it’s your house!

Selecting Products

The pages in this section cover all aspects of a building project, from preparing the financial and legal setups, through to designing and then all aspects of the materials used in the construction and interior fitout itself.

Remember, however, that once you have decided on a product and it has been specified in the consent application, you can only change the product by applying for an amendment to the consent.

Keep reading for general advice on how to choose the best products for your project, or find our Product Gallery pages here to browse our lists of excellent suppliers…

When it comes to finishing your house, those final touches can make the difference between a house and a home. We support marketplaces like Collective, who promote local crafters, makers and artisans and their quality home furnishings and objects.


If you substitute the product and do not apply for the amendment, you may not get your Code Compliance Certificate (certifying that your build meets the building code). This may have serious consequences should there be issues with the build or should you wish to sell the house at a later date.

How To Find What You’re Looking For Selecting products…

Find our Product Gallery pages here with great suppliers covering all aspects of building products…

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