Steps to building your dream

Now is your chance to live in a home that fits you perfectly. It will be designed and built for you and only you, to suit your needs and wants. This website will help you make your new home or renovation, your dream home. But first, let’s do some essential planning.

10 steps to building a house

  1. Decide what you need
  2. Gather images of designs you like
  3. Choose a designer
  4. Develop the project brief
  5. Concept design
  6. Get a PIM
  7. Assess Environmental impacts
  8. Resource Consent (if required)
  9. Developed design
  10. Construction design
  11. Building Consent
  12. Construction
  13. Maintenance

For inspiration and insights into House Design, visit our Design Guide website. Architects showcase their work and explain what they’ve done and why they’ve done it. It’s a superb resource.

Undertaking a building project is a challenging time and can be immensely enjoyable or thoroughly frustrating. We hope this guide will help you avoid many of the problems that can crop up and that we help your project be a source of pride for you on an ongoing basis.

Chances are your project will take longer than your builder estimates and longer than you think.

Prepare for delays, frustrations and minor irritations. Hopefully, that’s all you’ll have.

Remember – this guide is not designed to be a replacement for a project manager and it is especially not a replacement for building inspections – these are a stipulation of the Building Act. Rather, this is a reference for you to keep track of your project, stimulate ideas and to remind you of things to look out for.

Be prepared for long days, frustrations and the joy of creating your own home.

Good luck!

Piha House – Herbst Architects (used with permission NZ Institute of Architects)