Industry Associations

At the Building Guide, we’re in favour of using trades and professionals from an industry organisation. While there are excellent craftsmen who don’t belong to their trade organisation, and those of lesser skills who do, those who do belong generally show a commitment to the industry, there is usually a code of conduct and if you have any issues with workmanship from designers or sub-contractors, an industry association is one of the best places to start.

Designers, Engineers and Surveyors

Architectural Designers NZ Inc (ADNZ)

Architectural Designers are designers who may not be a registered architect but are highly skilled and adhere to the association codes of practice.

Association of Consulting Engineers (ACENZ)

Consulting Engineers work alongside or instead of architects and designers on buildings and associated built structures. Architectural engineering combines all aspects of the building design and construction, involving mechanical, electrical and structural blueprints, calculations, and other notions of mathematical precision.

Arbitrators & Mediators Institute of NZ

Unfortunately, many building projects finish in a dispute between client and designer, or client and builder. Go here to find someone who can help resolve any issues.

Designers Institute of NZ

The Designers Institute represents graphic design, interactive design, spatial design, product design, design management, service design and design education and was formed by the merger of the New Zealand Society of Industrial Designers and the New Zealand Association of Interior Designers.

NZ Institute of Architects (NZIA)

The New Zealand Institute of Architects is a professional body representing more than ninety percent of all registered architects in New Zealand. In addition to supporting their members with a range of services, they are committed to promoting architecture in New Zealand, and to creating greater awareness of the values and benefits that architecture brings to our built environments.

NZ Institute of Building Surveyors Inc (NZIBS)

The New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors is a national body of skilled, professional building consultants who have extensive knowledge and experience in construction and building related matters.   It currently has over 100 Registered Members who work closely with other professionals within related organisations including central and local Government, the Construction Industry Council (CIC), Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ), Architects (NZIA), and Architectural Designers, Quantity Surveyors, Engineers and Builders.

NZ Institute of Landscape Architects

The objective of the institute is to promote the profession of landscape architecture throughout New Zealand, and to promote the appropriate and sustainable protection, planning, design, intervention and management of our landscapes.

NZ Institute of Quantity Surveyors Inc (NZIQS)

Quantity surveyors are the construction cost professionals who measure and estimate the cost of resources for construction projects. They aim to keep projects on budget, among many other roles.  They offer networking, industry advocacy, professional development, registration, and accreditation of education for quantity surveyors services to their members.

NZ Institute of Surveyors Inc (NZIS

NZIS is the professional body for surveyors and spatial professionals in New Zealand. Services they offer to members include continuing education, best survey practice, research and development, advocacy and awarding excellence within the profession.

Builders’ Organisations

Certified Builders Association of NZ Inc (CBANZ)

The Certified Builders Association of New Zealand Inc is a community of craftsmen and was established in 1998 to recognise and promote qualified builders. A builder must be trade qualified to become a member of the Certified Builders Association.  Their aim is to provide assurance to consumers that their members adhere to strict guidelines for standards of workmanship and business practice.

Registered Master Builders Association Inc (RMBA)

Registered Master Builders Association of New Zealand Inc is the best known builder organisation in the country and is a membership organisation representing a significant part of New Zealand’s building and construction fraternity.  They have been around since 1892 and are represented regionally.

The Building Hub

The Building Hub is an organisation focusing on  providing New Zealand building practitioners with the most up to date information to help create a better building industry. We bring together the best, most relevant and most up-to-date information to help the building industry grow and succeed.

Materials and Products Associations

Climate Control Companies Association

The CCCA sets out to establish and promote high standards of business competence and industry conduct for companies engaged in the climate controlled environment industry – heat pump and air conditioning manufacturers and installers. Closely associated with the Institute of Refrigeration, Heating & Air Conditioning Engineers of New Zealand.

Frame & Truss Manufacturers Association of NZ

The Frame and Truss Manufacturers Association is a non-profit, self-regulating and independently audited industry association.  They endeavour to ensure that correct timber and building standards are adhered to.

Future Proof Building

Future-Proof Building is a marketing initiative whose members share marketing costs under a common banner with an aim to encourage home owners to use quality materials in their projects, thus ensuring their home is built well and thereby ‘future-proofing’ the value in the house.

National Association of Steel-Framed Housing (NASH)

NASH, the National Association of Steel Framed Housing, represents the interests of the fabricators of light steel framing systems for housing and low-rise steel framed construction. Their members include specialist steel frame builders as well as suppliers of products and services to the industry.

National Flooring Association

Represents flooring retailers and installers nationally.

NZ Metal Roofing Manufacturers Association

Members manufacture metal roofing, including long-run and pressed metal roofing.

Roofing Association of New Zealand
Represents all the other manufacturers of roofing options.

Window Association of NZ (WANZ)

The Window Association of NZ is a commercially neutral meeting place for everybody involved in the window industry. WANZ gives you the latest information regarding accurate energy efficiency ratings for windows and doors. It establishes standards, which are appropriate to New Zealand conditions, by which customers can judge the quality of the goods and services they are being offered.

Government Departments and NGOs

The Building Officials Institute NZ

This body represents council building inspectors and officials.

The Building Research Association of New Zealand Ltd (BRANZ )

The Building Research Association of New Zealand is an independent and impartial research, testing, consulting and information company providing resources for the building industry supported by levies on your building project.


Consumer NZ is an independent, non-profit organisation established in 1959 dedicated to gconsumer protection. They test products and services and make recommendations and give consumers advice on their rights.

Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (EECA)

EECA is the government agency that works to improve the energy efficiency of New Zealand’s homes and businesses, and encourage the uptake of renewable energy. You can find more details here at EnergyWise.

Home Owners and Buyers Association of New Zealand (HOBANZ)

HOBANZ represents the interests of New Zealand’s current and future home owners and residents. They give independent information and guidance on buying, selling, maintaining and owning your home. Their objective is to create a fair and ethical community where people are accountable for their actions and where the focus is on long term outcomes as opposed to short term gain. Specialists in helping people with Leaky Homes problems.


Set up by the Green Building Council, HomeStar sets out to educate homeowners around sustainable living and encourages people to rate their home to add value for those high performing homes.


The organisation set up to promote ‘Universal Design’ – a design philosophy that encourages anticipation of changing needs due to lifestage, illness or accident, ensuring the home remains accessible no matter your abilities.

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment(MBIE) 

MBIE provides information and guidance on building legislation and controls information.  They also offer advice for homeowners and building professionals about designing and building weathertight houses.  They have released new technical guidance, the Guide to tolerances, materials and workmanship in new residential construction 2015.

Property Institute of NZ (PINZ)

The Property Institute has over 2500 members throughout New Zealand and the world. It was formed in the year 2000 to act as the voice of property professionals. They promote professional learning and continuing development. The Institute incorporated the membership of the New Zealand Institute of Valuers (NZIV), the Institute of Plant & Machinery Valuers (IPMV), and the Property & Land Economy Institute of New Zealand (PLEINZ). It now represents the interests of Valuers, Property and Facilities Managers, Property Advisors and Plant and Machinery Valuers.

Sitesafe NZ

Set up to assist construction businesses to improve their health and safety culture; to control hazards and reduce injuries

Smarter Homes

A website set up by Consumer, MBIE and EECA with an abundance of advice around ways to make your home more eco-friendly and energy efficient. A great resource.

Trades Organisations

Interior Systems Association of NZ (ISA)/The Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries of NZ (AWCI)  

The AWCI started as the Interior Systems Association in 1992.  It is a grouping of Building Industry organisations. The association includes contractors, tradesmen, manufacturers and suppliers. AWCI was established to represent the interests of members and their customers for interior wall and ceiling lining systems and related products.

Master Painters NZ Association Inc

Master Painters provide professional advice and support, along with experienced qualified trade painters who abide by the Association’s code of conduct and who adhere to current environmental requirements to the best of their ability.

Master Plumbers

Master Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drainlayers NZ is a trade organisation that has been around for over 100 years.  They employ more than 60% of all practitioners whose work is covered by the Master Plumbers Guarantee.  They also have a complaints service available, should the need arise.

National Kitchen & Bathroom Association of NZ Inc (NKBA)

The NKBA seeks to promote professionalism and ethical business practices in the kitchen and bathroom industry and hosts the annual kitchen and bathroom design awards.

NZ Home Heating Association (HHA)

The New Zealand Home Heating Association represents manufacturers, retailers and installers of domestic wood burning appliances. It also plays a major role in the development and promotion of clean air standards, and energy and resource conservation.

Registered Master Joiners (MJ))

Master Joiners have ten regional Associations throughout New Zealand which collectively make up the New Zealand Joinery Manufacturers’ Federation incorporation. A national and regional fellowship of members ensures that all are kept up to date with the latest trends both in craft practice and business developments.

NZ Metal Roofing & Cladding Manufacturers Association

The New Zealand Metal Roofing Manufacturers Association Inc (NZMRM) represents those companies that roll-form steel and other metals for roofing and cladding purposes. Commonly known as “Rollformers” there are 25 of these companies who are members of NZMRM. Members are involved in producing a wide range of profiled product, both painted and unpainted. The association is also active in the development and promotion of industry Standards and in conducting research that promotes the use of metal roofing and cladding.

NZ Security Association (NZSA)

The New Zealand Security Association (NZSA) is the largest industry representative body for the security industry in New Zealand and represents over 85% of the industry by revenue. Its voluntary members include security companies ranging from large multi-nationals to sole traders.  The Association is committed to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct at all times in order to protect the New Zealand public.

Specialist Trade Contractors Association

An umbrella group of organisations representing the specialist trades that are the backbone of our building and construction industry. Including electrical, painting, plumbing, gasfitting, drainlaying, scaffolding, heating and ventilation, reinforcing, roofing, precast concrete, ceilings, walls and linings

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