Resource Consent – do you need one?

Resource Consent may be required if your project does not meet the requirements of the Resource Management Act and the Council’s District Plan.

Essentially, Resource Consent applies to work you intend to do on the land (which may include building if it falls outside the District Plan and allowable Building Envelope) and Building Consent applies to building work you do.

What You Need to Do

If the building work impacts on the land or other users, you may need a Resource Consent – for instance, if your house plan falls outside the allowable building envelope. Conversely, if what you’re planning on doing, such as building a simple house, is allowed under the district plan, and your plans fit within the allowable building envelope (height to boundary rules, ground coverage, etc.) then you will likely not need one. Always check with your council if you have doubts.

Contact your Council if you have any questions about applying for Resource Consent. If required, it MUST be granted before you can start work.

Check whether your proposed activity/development is allowed under the Resource Management Act and/or District Plan by checking the relevant planning maps to identify the zoning of your property. If there is any issue or discrepancy, get in touch with your local council.

Check the following flowchart

Resource Consent
Resource Consent