Non-toxic, reliable waterproofing

Underground waterproofing can be toxic, imperfect and expensive, but the team from Bentech Bentonite reckon it doesn’t have to be.

Underground waterproofing is a task that’s important to get right. Small leaks lead to major damage and these days, that rebounds on you.

Solutions often involve toxic chemicals and once applied, any nicks or punctures while other work goes on may not be noticed, and we know what that means.

Heavy Duty Bentech Bentonite® is self-healing. When hydrated, naturally occurring Montmorillonite (Sodium Bentonite) Clay swells – up to 800%. It’s has been used for decades as a waterproofing barrier.

When confined underground between a block/concrete wall and compacted backfill, this swelling creates a confining pressure zone of highly viscous, leak-proof clay that migrates to any low pressure areas (i.e. holes in the membrane) and seals them with a clay plug withstanding up to 70m (that’s 100 PSI!) of head pressure.

“Of the buildings inspected post Christchurch earthquakes, those sustaining the least damage from liquefaction were tanked in Bentonite GCL”. (Source; Fletcher Construction).

From the initial tremors, through the major quakes and for each of the thousands of aftershocks, Bentonite Clay was the first responder, actively sealing leaks as they occurred, in real time. In doing so it’s an unsung hero, a quiet achiever, science in action, protecting your building for a lifetime.

The ONLY way to improve upon the swelling capabilities of Sodium Bentonite is to put in more Sodium Bentonite in the GCL product. The Internationally recognised standard (Source; Maccaferri NZ Ltd) recommends that GCLs contain no less than 5.0 Kgs/Sodium Bentonite/M2.

The highest competing GCL is only 4.9, whereas Heavy Duty Bentech Bentonite® is 35% heavier @ 5.5kgs/M2. It’s also the cheapest and, because it’s carries a CodeMark, it’s an approved solution which means you can substitute without fear and add margin to your job.

When the cost of remedial earthworks can run into many thousands per day, it makes more than good business sense, strategically & financially, to install a product that carries its own insurance policy. Heavy Duty Bentech Bentonite® is Geology in action – ‘Rock Science – not Rocket Science’. Fletchers call it “the only bombproof tanking solution available”.

For performance, cost and efficiency Heavy Duty Bentech Bentonite® is unmatched and is NZ’s ONLY CodeMarked GCL, and the ONLY GCL membrane with a 25 year warranty and a 50 year Geotechnical Durability Statement.

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